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Monetize Your Social Network: Use These SMM Tips To Succeed

Ideas to Help with Monetizing Time Spent Online

Quick Tips on Making Money with Digital Marketing

Monetize traffic by funneling it to a website using social media

Simple SMM tips to succeed: Using social media and social sharing to increase your bottom line.

How are you generating clicks on your social media account?

What are you doing with all the clicks you’re seeing?

If you’re thinking about establishing money making websites, or if you already have one, learning about social media marketing should be a priority. Social media marketing is a popular and powerful way to put your name out there and attract loyal customers.

Trust is a huge decision-making heuristic that people use when it comes to their online behavior. Especially in the land of social media, where there’s a lot of fake news and low quality sources of information. Therefore, trust plays one of the largest roles in being able to convert clicks to money.

Ultimately, heuristics form a way that we as individuals reduce the costs of time when choosing between products, brands or tough outcomes. Creating quality relationships with customers will reduce the effort of choosing your brand over others.

This article of SMM tips to succeed is for informational and educational purposes only. We are not liable or responsible for any damages resulting from or related to your use of this information.

networking on social media
After you’ve established an online network then it’s time to start generating an income.

How can we use social media to generate web traffic?

Creating web traffic on Twitter.

Twitter is one of those platforms that want people to use the app as much as possible. This includes a lot of content sharing through the re-tweet feature. Re-tweets allows us to easily keep an active profile without too much effort of making content. On the flip-side, it’s also very easy to spam followers, so ensure to always keep quality a cornerstone aspect of any marketing campaign.

Share quality tweets so you create a following and fan base that trusts the information you provide. It’s possible to set up a carefully curated tweet schedule using apps like IFTTT. Once downloading IFTTT, recipes can be installed which connect Twitter to your Google calendar.

When you understand the ins and outs of Twitter, you can put your brand in front of thousands of impressions every single day. Take some time to learn about hashtags, keywords, and all other things in the Twitter world to increase the reach of your content. Use photos and eye capturing content to facilitate the product or message being shared.

Search Engine Optimization with Social Media

Boost SEO by increasing your social signals.

Another example of generating web traffic through social media can be done by adding like boxes from your Facebook’s page onto your website. Readers can easily “like” content and it will show up on their feed; having a large amount of Facebook engagement also benefits your visibility on search engines. Facebook Shares, Pinterest pins and other shares are a factor in a website ranking for SEO. They are like another form of backlinks.

Thus, install social sharing buttons, like those found on this page, onto your blog or site to let people like, tweet and share your content without having to navigate away from it. People are more likely to share and engage with your website if it is easy to do, and it also advertises your Facebook (and other) profile(s) at the same time. Furthermore, pages with a lot of positive engagement are often more highly regarded by viewers.

Applications like AddThis, are a great tool for installing social sharing buttons on your website. Other buttons, like “follow me” are also available.

Using Instagram stories to get web traffic to your site.

Activating the Instagram swipe feature on your business page is also a great way to funnel traffic from your fans. The only issue with this feature is that a business account and over 10,000 followers are required. This is where a lot of bloggers, influencers and other people trying to get into the spotlight try to gain an edge; they simply buy Instagram followers or even get Instagram likes to help improve their image.

Social media is a big aspect of white hat SEO for a website. Having your link on numerous social media platforms increase your search rankings and exposure to more customers.

Customer Relationships

Decide on the types of relationships you want with your consumers

A lot of the time, the type of product or service we are selling dictates the relationships and level of communication that we have with our customers.

If you want social media to simply be a sales channel, then it may be a good idea to buy some advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to simplify things. Buying ads can help to target specific niches of customers on each platform. If you desire getting on the same level as your customers, this will change your marketing strategy. This may be the time to build a website or create a landing page to funnel traffic towards. If a website strategically sells products and promotes a business’s social media accounts, having people share your site may be more beneficial than sharing a Facebook page, Instagram account, or another social media link.

Keep positive with your customers.

Regardless of how large or successful your business is, consumers never want to feel like they are being talked down to. Your strength is maintained only by the customers who give it to you in the first place. They will ultimately determine and sustain your success.

A trick to gain extra online exposure is to promote your business through games on Facebook, the computer, and consoles. Furthermore, imagine creating a game that features your products! Always remember to include your website link on all social platforms to juice it with extra SEO power.

After creating momentum with your digital marketing, find ways to keep updating fans and communicating about new products, services and potential giveaways.

Contests are great for boosting web traffic

Keep customers updated with your business to maintain an online presence.

Social media makes it very easy to keep customers and fans up-to-date with new product and content releases. The perfect time for a contest!

Giveaways help to generate excitement around your pages, brands and possibly websites too. This is a way to funnel traffic from a Twitter account or Facebook page to other sources like Instagram or YouTube.

If you decided that it’s a good idea to run Facebook, Google, or other types of advertisements, then it’s important for you to make sure they are highly visible and optimized for clicks. This includes proper headings and descriptions. Furthermore, they should be located on the page where they will be seen most frequently.

An attractive advertisement title and description should be used in conjunction with quality images to get the most clicks clicks and not just a high number of impressions. If your ad is not highly visible and accessible, then the traffic and interest it will generate will be weak as a result. This will be a waste of money and may lead to future discouragement, especially if successful campaigns generate no income or brand equity.

A Simple Contest Design

Giveaways are great ways to attract new visitors to a website.

Use social media sharing to increase the reach of a post, your account and your brand message. A lot of people forget this important SMM tip to succeeding; social media signals are so important, not only for SEO, but for establishing trust with website visitors.

A great way to increase your sales is to run a contest on a site such as Facebook or Instagram. Always have people like your content, refer 2 or 3 friends in a comment, and use a random generator to pick a winner. Fans will love if you have regular giveaways and it’s a great way to share information about and experiences using products and services. Consumers love to feel like they have an opportunity to get something for free, and this can make them into regular and monetized web traffic.

The best thing about running contests is they give a forum to discuss new products and interests visitors in buying.

Post marketing materials at most two to three times per day on your social media account like Facebook or Twitter.  For example, run a contest on Instagram or a website, and then use Facebook, Twitter and possibly other platforms to redirect traffic to the giveaway post. This is a good way to involve your entire community in a contest and generate more buzz around the event. It’s a good idea funneling traffic to a place where customers can have more to click around and explore.

Digital marketing goals
Think about all of the goals you have for your social media marketing campaign, and then create a quality plan to reach them.


Social media should be used as a tool to direct the flow of traffic to a monetized source

Create a blog or an attractive landing page to share on social media.

If you’ve got a blog or a landing page to sell a product on, it is essential that you utilize your entire social community. This is how you get the furthest organic reach possible in your marketing campaigns. Always enable comments in your post options, and make sure content is publicly available to ensure it can be shared to the masses. When your post does gain traction, make certain the comments are closely monitored. Immediately report all spam entries and rudeness that has no place in a civil discourse, and use humor instead of anger to resolve matters if possible.

Keep active online

When using a blog on your social media page, be sure to regularly update it.

An updated website is essential to maintain a flow of traffic. It is also important for keeping a good ranking with search engines.

Make sure to get a number of powerful keywords to focus your content on. This is also true for social media posts, an important SMM tip to succeed at making money online.

Start preparing thoughts ahead of time. Allow social sharing on the site to increase the reach of pages and posts. If you have YouTube video, share it on your other social media accounts and also embed it in your website; once the video is on your website, and then also share it from there as this is good for it’s and the website’s SEO.  

Let fans know when to expect updates

Generate excitement around your online campaigns.

Consider scheduling new posts for your customers on IFTTT, they will get excited about receiving updates.  This way people will know when they can expect information from you. Think about topics ahead of time and write about things that are popular at the moment as they can create higher amounts of web traffic.

Keeping organized is a key to running multi-platform social media marketing campaigns. Advertisements can help increase the reach of posts and a website. We know that carefully curated content online can have drastic impacts on increasing reach.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found our SMM tips to succeed helpful with your campaigns!

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