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Advice That Will Help In Social Media Marketing

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Ideas for your SMM Promotions

Social Media Marketing (SMM) help for Dummies

Simple tips and tricks for your social media marketing campaigns

So you’re looking for help with social media marketing?!

We want you to go viral on social media, not come down with the sickness.

There’s a lot of different advice to assist with your SMM needs. This article focuses on some of the well-known basics and then introduces other further ideas that may be helpful when thinking about SMM promotions and services.

This article is for informational and educational purposes only. We are not liable or responsible for any damages resulting from or related to your use of this information.

Content is King

Always focus on producing high quality content.

Give your fans something to look forward towards seeing on a regular basis.

Low quality content kills its own traction. “Low quality” is really determined by the audience, global or niche specific, who may be expecting information about a specific topic. Sometimes people don’t like surprises, like political views all of a sudden coming from a fitness bro or someone not used to sharing this kind of info with their audience.

Even if we boost low quality content with likes, views and comments, say for example on Instagram, to gain momentum… once the love stops being received, then the algorithm realizes the content being shared is not worthy of a high ranking.

Sorry, not sorry.

Before starting a social media marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have a lot quality content ready to be released. Don’t be a one hit wonder. Either have content ready to share or be able to produce content frequently because all platforms reward their regular users. This is just standard business practice.

social media marketing and networking
Integrating your social media accounts can help them all grow to new levels.

The Game of Social Media

SMM Services can be used to help increase the reach of content

How you play the game of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is totally up to you.

We kept this article more neutral and focused on simple advice and schematics to help a range of people with their social media marketing campaigns. If you look at social media as any other cell phone app or computer game, this broadens the scope of how you may decide to play. Without getting into the details, two contrasting style of game play are: 1) looking for hacks, cheats or other way to get an edge over your competition, 2) just enjoying the fun and adventures.

Keep up to date with the terms and services of your game to ensure you’re playing within the parameters.

If the quality of content being boosted is too low, then the content will be removed from the spotlight as it gets no continued support. Even using quality SMM tools like Instagram Powerlikes won’t be of much help, which is why high quality content is always of utmost importance.

This just makes sense.

As is well known, hooking an account up to an auto-like bot can lead to ramifications, such as a soft or hard shadow-ban or a flat out removal of an account. Using tools, like IFTTT to schedule Tweets or semi-automate an account with ones own content is fine*.

*Eludes to the fact that even this action, which seems harmless, can become disallowed due to future policy changes of sharing information between accounts or another extraneous reason. It’s always good to keep yourself informed of the landscape you’re playing in.

SMM networking and collaborations
Context matters when it comes to sharing content on social media.

Different SMM Strategies for Each Social Platform

Ideas for Promoting on Twitter

Utilizing a Twitter account could be very beneficial to creating business contacts.

LinkedIn is great too, but sometimes different environments are needed for different connections.

SMM tools are often used in any social media landscape. One may choose to increase the number of likes on their tweet, boost the number of retweets a post has, add views to a video that was shared, add comments and even impressions from different sources to their posts with SMM tools.

If a business develops an effective Twitter-based strategy, they could possibly gain organic exposure from hundreds, or thousands, of potential customers. This can include sharing other viral and quality content with followers. This is why it is important to know how to create organic growth and not just use social media marketing solutions to be a means to the end to gain followers.

For example: it is a good idea to take some time to learn about hashtags, keywords, and all other things in the Twitter world. Know the context you are about to conquer.

***If you’re looking for software to help automate your tweets on a schedule, check out IFTTT.

Ideas for promoting on YouTube

Focus on the strengths of sharing content on a given platform.

Promoting on YouTube is no different in terms of results, but the application of content being generated and shared can be much different than Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. People can use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for example, to easily and frequently promote their YouTube account and content on it (too much of a good thing is never really a good thing? No spam!).

It is always a good idea to think of the social media accounts you are or a company is creating before starting any social media marketing campaign.

Using YouTube is great for product awareness and sales. Viewers get to see a product demo and then have multiple ways to purchase the product through the video as well. That’s why using this medium to promote products on can boost sales, especially if the video is going viral!

***High quality content has a higher probability of going viral on YouTube!!!

It may also be important to create a website that shares a person’s or company’s social media accounts and the content found on them. Think of a person who has many different social accounts… a central location to share all content is key to providing users with organized content and can lead to more web-clicks if the content is properly curated.

Create goals to reach for before undergoing any social media marketing campaign.

Advice Before Starting an SMM Campaign

Create goals and then devise a plan before starting a social media marketing campaign

You want to score, right?

Then make a net to shoot on.

Good game.

Who is in running your online promotions?

Are you outsourcing your SMM to another individual or business?

First, it is important to determine who will be in charge of the marketing campaign, how your sites and social media platforms will be laid out, and what sort of time investment you want to make. You need deadlines when planning social media marketing, just like you do for other marketing campaigns, if you hope to accomplish anything.

Success relies on your ability to stay on target!!!

Who is responding to customers and clients?

Quality communication with fans and customers is very important.

If you have a social media presence, always respond to people when they ask a question or post a comment. While it’s easy to just skim over some kind of message or comment, someone needs to be at the helm of this aspect of running a social media marketing campaign. Therefore, it is super important to seek out interactions, like messages and comments, periodically throughout the day.

Your hashtag-game must be on point

Content is generally ranked within each hashtag.

When you’re sharing content on Twitter or another social media platform, especially Facebook and Instagram, it’s a good idea to include a tag in the content portion of the post. This is how other people can find your post!

You can add a hashtag to content by simply adding in a “#,” followed by a relevant phrase that people are searching for, like #socialmediamarketing.

Before posting, remember to look at groups that include your target audience, and then carefully select your tags. Check out the posts your competitors and friends are sharing, what posts are being seen as top posts in the hashtags you’re targeting, and then determine whether yours fits into a ranked post within the niche.

Give content powerful titles using searchable keywords

Search Engine Optimization for Social Media Marketing.

Create vibrant titles for your YouTube or network videos and other content being shared when applicable. Therefore, social media optimization strategy, like search engine optimization for websites, needs to occur.

You can do this, for example, by incorporating the keywords in your title that are most appropriate to the products you offer. If users can immediately see that your videos are useful, you’ll get more views because your videos can pop up when people search for certain keywords. This is the same as finding a website on Google!

With social media marketing, results don’t come overnight. “Nothing good comes easy” and “everything good in life takes time”. A successful social media campaign takes time and effort. It will start out slowly as you begin to reach people through social networking. At the beginning, your focus should be on building a large network. Make sure you mention your social media presence in your other marketing campaigns.

social media networking and marketing

Entice followers with giveaways or coupon codes

Who doesn’t like free samples?

Promoting coupons on discounts on your social media accounts is an effective way to engage your followers so that they read your feed. This will let your clientele feel privileged, and you can boost your sales.

***On that note, if you’ve read this much of the article, we’d like to thank you with free 100 followers for Instagram. Just send us an email at

Be patient when you are networking on a social media site

You have to earn people’s trust with your content and products.

Social media is all about communication. This is why it is important to comment back to people engaging with your content. Also, to be honest in general with your clients to ensure your brand image comes with a large amount of social clout. Just be patient and work on gaining the trust and loyalty of one user at a time. After a while, you will see your customer list begin to grow, which will convert into more sales!

Sponsoring blogs for your employees is a smart thing to do to bring more traffic to your main site

This can be the start to creating a backlink structure for your company website.

Your customers can get unique insights and views of the internal operations of your business. In addition, they can share their own interest which allows for the conversion of website traffic from other niches.  Having this opportunity also allows employees to gain a personal glance into your business culture and the day to day operations of your organization. This will build trust with your entire network, including customers, which will lead to increased sales and conversion rates.

Set up accounts on Twitter and Facebook, etc. while employing the name of your business

This is important for a websites SEO, and has other benefits.

First and foremost, this guarantees that no one else utilizes your business name when posting or tweeting content that is inappropriate or that has nothing to do with your business. Keep that brand equity high as possible!

***Please consider registering account names ahead of time, even if you don’t plan to actively start your social networking marketing campaign now, you will have a guaranteed security for the future!

social media optimization and networking
Integrate sharing across all social media platforms to increase the reach of content!

Additional SMM and SMO tactics!

Make your headlines count

A lot of social media sites list only the headline of content unless a user clicks to read the entire story.

In addition to containing basic information, try the make the headlines so powerful with juicy keywords that it will make readers stop and click. A solid, clever headline can help you get noticed, but one that falls flat will be skipped. Having powerful keywords in the title is an important social media optimization technique.

Share your Facebook site or social media account with your current email list or in your signature

It’s time to use that mailing list you’ve been compiling from doing online marketing for some time.

Use this resource by sending out a message to your email list with the link to your Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account. This simplifies the process of finding your social media sites for your customers.

Produce high quality content and post regularly

Using YouTube, for example, can offer big advantages when it comes to marketing goods or services.

To keep an account hot with activity, whether it is on YouTube or any other social media platform, you must regularly create videos and high quality content about new business activities, or whatever it is that your fans are craving to see. While it may not be necessary to post daily, ensuring a constantly flow of traffic to an account is very important.

Concluding Thoughts

What is most important when creating a SMM strategy?

A carefully planned out social media marketing campaign that targets your goals must be created to be successful.

While much of the information shared in this article is just simple advice to help with social media marketing, every empire starts out with a foundation.

Once a marketing plan has been implemented, then a constant stream of high quality content must be produced. This is of course followed by an active plan to share content to increase the reach and clout of your brand. Also important is the ability to keep up and engage with your target audience!

We hope you enjoyed our advice that will help in social media marketing!

Like / comment / bookmark us to check back for more articles in the future!

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